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Tests for Saturday, March 24

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Class Section(s) Students Test Ends Late Fee Begins
CHEM 101 001, 003-004 150 Today at closing
FDSCI 101 002-003 175 Wed. Mar. 28 at closing
FDSCI 206 002, 004 125 Today at closing
MATH 221A 001, 003-004 175 Mon. Mar. 26 at closing
PSYCH 111 001-002 225 Mon. Mar. 26 at closing
PSYCH 111 003, 007 225 Tue. Mar. 27 at closing


  • This is not a complete list of tests given at the Testing Center. Usually only tests that have more than 100 students will be listed.
  • If you have any questions about tests you need to take, please contact your instructor or view your test deadlines.
  • We try to keep this information as up-to-date as possible. However, last-minute changes may not be reflected on this list.
  • We provide this information to let you know what other tests are given in the Testing Center during the upcoming week. If you use this information to plan your next visit, please remember we cannot always guarantee short lines or small crowds.
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